Keeseh shares furniture making and woodworking through education and accessibility. Your support helps Keeseh continue to grow and improve. Your membership dollars, course fees, and contributions provide the support that allows us to continue to share woodworking and furniture making, enhance our programming, and host relevant events and exhibits.


$10/3-month membership

  • A convenient and affordable way to get benefits and discounts at Keeseh!
  • 10% off all Keeseh courses and lessons
  • Free access to biannual membership-only woodworking demonstrations
  • Free entry at Keeseh events throughout the year
  • Must purchase and pass a Competency Exam to upgrade to a Studio Use Membership


$10/3-month membership + $32/exam fee

  • A great way to get benefits, discounts and access to Keeseh’s machinery and equipment!
  • Studio Use Members can utilize approve woodshop facilities during Keeseh’s Open Studio Hours at a rate of $8/hour
  • 10% off all Keeseh courses and lessons
  • Free access to biannual membership-only woodworking demonstrations
  • Free entry at Keeseh events throughout the year
  • Purchase and pass a Competency Exam to automatically be upgraded to a Studio Use Membership


Join now, become a SUPPORTING MEMBER. A Supporting Membership to Keeseh offers great value! Membership is the convenient, affordable way to get benefits and discounts at Keeseh while helping Keeseh to grow. Members receive 10% off of all Keeseh Courses, Lessons, and Competency Exams, free access to biannual members-only woodworking demonstrations, and free entry at Keeseh events. You can give a membership as a gift, too! Only $10 for a 3-month membership! For frequently asked questions, scroll to the bottom of this page.


Utilize the woodshop facilities, become a STUDIO USE MEMBER. It’s an easy leap from Supporting Member to Studio Use Membership. It starts with the purchase of a Supporting Membership that is automatically upgraded upon the member passing a Competency Exam. Passing a Competency Exam represents that a member has shown their understanding and safe use of a singular or multiple machinery. After passing a Competency Exam, a member can utilize the machinery for which they have been approved during Keeseh’s Open Studio hours.

All members will receive a membership card, which should be brought with them each time they visit the woodshop. Studio Members’ cards will indicate which machines and tools they are approved to use.

Membership Card

To select a date for your Competency Exam, please click the button below.

Choose Exam Date


The woodshop is open for use by members on:

  • Saturdays from 12 noon to 6 pm
  • Mondays from 3 pm to 9 pm
  • Fridays from 9 am to 3 pm

Members pay an hourly fee of $8 in order to utilize the facility’s machines and tools.
For frequently asked questions, scroll to the bottom of this page.


Storing Projects, Lumber, & Tools

Keeseh is not a storage facility, however, we understand that many projects are easier to complete if they can be left in our woodshop in-between work periods. For this reason we provide limited storage that can be purchased by the month. The storage pricing is:

Lockers: Ideal for tool boxes and smaller projects: (23″ deep, 12″wide, 24″ tall): $10/month

Half Shelf : A good fit for tool boxes, lumber that has been cut to size, and small to medium sized projects: (2′deep, 4′wide, 16″tall): $20/month

Large Storage: We understand that individuals may need more than a locker or shelf for larger projects. In this situation we will designate a spot in the woodshop to store your large projects, and we charge by the square foot per month that the project is being stored. Some projects may be too large to store, we will do our best to find a place for your project, but cannot guarantee storage for large projects. Squared Footprint: $5/month

Storage rates are invoiced each month. If storage goes unpaid for 2 months, the stored items become the property of Keeseh or are disposed of in order to keep the woodshop clean and welcoming.


Can I visit Keeseh before purchasing a membership?

Of course! We welcome walk-in visitors during our Open Studio hours on Saturdays 12noon-6pm, Mondays 3pm-9pm, and Fridays 9am-3pm. If you are unable to visit during these times please contact us and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

When will I get the membership card that I ordered online?
Membership cards generally arrive 5-7 days after purchasing. However, a confirmation is sent within 48 working hours which includes your membership ID#, good for discounts when registering for Courses, Lessons, and Competency Exams.

Can I purchase a membership in person?
Yes. Memberships can be purchased from the Monitor during Open Studio Hours. However, your membership ID# may not be active towards discounts until 48 working hours have passed, during which time your information is processed and added to our system.

How do I get membership discounts?
When you visit our site, sign in by clicking the link at the top left corner of the webpage. Please use the email address you provided to sign in, as well as your member ID# for your password. When you are signed in, you will automatically receive your 10% discount when you add items to your shopping cart. 10% will be discounted from all Courses, Lessons, and Competency Exams. If you encounter any difficulty, please feel free to contact us.

Do members receive discounts on materials and merchandise?

Members receive discounts on Courses, Lessons, and Competency Exams only. We pride ourselves on offering great prices on whatever materials and merchandise we offer, and passing saving onto our members. For this reason we do not offer discounts on materials and merchandise.

How do I renew my membership?

The $10 membership fee is due every 3 months. Please check in with the Monitor when you visit the studio to determine when your current membership expires.

Does Keeseh have a family or group membership?

Not at this time.

Does my membership allow me bring a guest or have a friend assist me in the woodshop?

For safety reasons we have very strict guest rules. You may bring a guest to tour the studio during Open Studio hours, however that guest is not permitted to utilize any of the machinery even if they are knowledgeable on the machinery. Your membership agreement allows you to bring a guest that may help you hold, carry, and assemble materials and projects. This individual and their liability is the member’s responsibility and before the guest is permitted to assist they must report to the Monitor and obtain and fill out our standard liability waiver, which allows them to assist but not utilize any of the equipment or machinery.

I have a Punch Card from the previous membership model, what happens to the hours that I pre-purchased?
Our members are the heart of our business. Bring your Punch Card to the Monitor during Open Studio hours and it will be exchanged for the new Studio Use Membership. You will be credited the hours remaining on your Punch Card, which is a great value over the $ amount! Your machine competency evaluation will carry over to the new membership system. Additionally, the new annual membership fee is waived for all patron members for the first year! Make the switch, bring your Punch Card to the monitor during Open Studio hours and the Monitor will take good care of you.

What happens if my membership card is lost or stolen?

Don’t sweat it – every member get’s one free card replacement. The replacement card will have a new membership ID# and your old number will be deactivated. Every following replacement is a $5 charge.

Can I lend my membership card to a friend or family member?

Absolutely not! Your membership card is for your use only. Fraudulent use of your card is grounds for immediate termination. It is important that you and you only are using your card because your card represents that you have met certain safety requirements that allows us to maintain and safe and trusting work environment. Without this trust we cannot continue to offer access to potentially dangerous machinery. We take fraudulent use very seriously. We also trust that you and you only will use your card for discounts for your personal development through Courses, Lessons, and Competency Exams.

Does Keeseh have parking?

The gated lot at the end of the building is for student, member, and employee parking.